All India Finance Secretary Bro S Titus Sam along with Circle Organising Secretary Bro J Ramesh Kannan,SEWA BSNL Nagercoil District President Bro.P.Pechinathan,District Finance Secretary Bro.N.Kasi,District EC Member Bro T Vijayan,Bro Elango,Bro Viswasam,Bro Velappan kani,Bro Thangappan,Bro Karuthdaiyan,Bro Mani,Bro Manoharan,Bro Bagavathikannu,Bro Vanithan,Bro Sundaram and former District President Sh Raveendran AGM(Rtd) at Bharat Ratna Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar 123rd Birthday Celebrations at Anna Stadium,Nagercoil.





All DPs&DSs are requested to send the list of Paid members duly signed by them to their respective CP&CS. All CPs&CSs are requested to send the same list with their counter signature to their respective AGS. Finally all the 5 AGSs are requested to send the same list with their Counter signature either to Shri V K PASWAN General Secretary or to Shri N D RAM National President, So that the same list could be submitted to Our Respected CLO(SCT) BSNLCO Newdelhi, latest by 15.4.2014.

Paid members means the members who have paid their subscription at least for 6 months as on 15.4.2014 either through Salary or through Manual Reciept .As per the CHQ GB decision held on 28th march 2014 at Newdelhi, 24 months subscription for Delegates and Contestee is Mandatary.






SEWA BSNL Nagercoil SSA Congratulates Bro P Subramoni for his extra ordinary MNP Performance during the month of March 2014.Due to his hardwork and sincere efforts Nagercoil SSA secured 2nd place in MNP in TamilNadu Circle.He alone achived 108 MNP's in just 15 days and added the credit to Nagercoil SSA.SEWA BSNL Nagercoil District Secretary and President and Circle Organising Secretary CONGRATULATED him and wished in advance for more success in the coming months.A poster has been placed in GM Office,Main Exchange Building appreciating his work.






SC/ST Employees Association is for SC/ST people who are struggling for their rights not now but for last 20 years and more.Now the SC/ST people are working like slaves in other unions and Associations for the unions petty works and for stuggles.But not for the Welfare of them.So SEWA recognised Association has been formed in 2007 and after that things have changed little bit.Now BSNL Management gives time and respect the Association for the SC/ST people.

More over the SC/ST Association is running by the Subscriptions which are deducted in the monthly salaries of the Gr C and Gr D workers.The BSNL Management not given any order to deduct subscriptions from Executives.

So TUTICORIN DISTRICT SECRETARY Mr Suresh Gandhi should know that each every member who are paying subscriptions to Association has the rights to ask any one in the Association any questions.General Secretary may be GOD to him but for as SEWA Members are concerned GS is an person elected by Members who voted in the AIC at Chennai so he should not forget it and by April the period of whole body is going to expire and new body is going to be elected by elections.

As per our constitution an ordinary person can raise any question about any body.Above all SEWA Association is not run by any ones pocket money for each and every thing these people are doing they claim everything in the next meeting whose money is it?So we know our restrictions so unnecessarily making our District Secretary into the matter.The view are of any common man in the Association so Dear Brothers the Count Down Started....

Our National President N D RAM has released the resolutions after the Nasik CHQ meeting with the signature of the members participated.But Suspended GS released only resolution copy but along with 10 unidentified members.

Dear Brothers below message was posted in an un authorised un official website though it is not necessary to remind these things but its our duty to Remind this valid points to our members....

"""Illegal Nasik CHQ GB Meeting was only assembled by a very thin group and only N.D.RAM has signed in the letter. When N.D.RAM and his blind followers have the guts, then release the proof for decisions taken and the Signatures were obtained. All the illegal information and Gossip news (whatever blind followers of N.D.RAM thinks) were posted in the Nagercoil District Website and sometimes Unofficial website of Tamilnadu. What a Shame ! CHQ President should not act as EVIL. Our General Secretary is the most Powerful GOD, he knows what to do. when to do. how to do."""     

Now who's duty is to follow the above things while releasing minutes and resolution copy held at Delhi (if it has been held)

Now we want to wait and see whether the List of Office Bearers participated in illegal meeting at NewDelhi on March 10th and 11th will be realesd or Not?

As Mr Suresh Gandhi said hope they have the guts to release the list.


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